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Ideal Clothing Racks to Get If You Live in a Loft

by Tomothy Perez

Living in a loft environment provides you with many opportunities to blend function and design. Given that lofts are often set up to have an open concept, you can commonly have elements on display that you'd otherwise have hidden in a conventional living space. With clothing racks, for example, you can consider having them out in the open—giving the space somewhat of a unique feel. If you've decided that you'd like to explore this idea, there are a number of different types of clothing racks that are worth considering for your loft. Here are some different ideas.

Wheeled Garment Rack

A wheeled garment rack can add to the funky vibe of your loft. If you've decorated the space in a shabby chic design, for example, a wheeled garment rack can provide a commercial or an industrial feel. This simple clothing rack, typically consisting of a basic metal tubing frame and caster wheels under the base, can hold a number of hangers and numerous articles of clothing. You can set up this rack in the bedroom area of your loft, and the availability of the caster wheels will allow you to move it around as desired. If you have a couple of these clothing racks, you might even consider placing them end to end in a makeshift wall to separate your bedroom from another part of the loft.

Plumbing-Style Piping

A clothing rack made of plumber-style pipes can look sharp in the loft environment. This wall-mounted rack can feature plumbing flanges mounted directly to the wall, with pipes coming out to form a rectangular shape. The front piece of pipe will be far enough out from the wall to allow clothing on hangers to hang easily. You can get the pipes in different styles, including rustic steel pipes and even tarnished copper pipes, to provide a truly unique look.

Ceiling Rack

Unless your loft has extremely high ceilings, it can be ideal to mount a clothing rack from the ceiling. Many different options of this nature are available, and many have a shabby chic or industrial look that will suit your loft's design. For example, a simple style consists of piping in a square "U" shape. The tops of the "U" can be mounted to the ceiling, and the square bottom of the shape, which is horizontal, can sit at an appropriate level to allow you to hang clothes hangers and clothes from.