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Stackable Reach-In Crate Boxes: How This Custom Corrugated Box Helps You Sell More

by Tomothy Perez

There are so many custom corrugated boxes and box designs out there, but do any of them help you sell products? If so, can these custom boxes help you sell more of a product? What custom boxes help you make more money and how do they do that?

Yes, Custom Boxes Help You Sell Products

Custom boxes can be shaped to look like cut-outs onto which you can display advertising and place just about anywhere in your store. Other custom boxes provide easy access to the products. In the case of stackable, reach-in crate boxes, they are their own display, advertising, and product promotion. 

How Stackable, Reach-in Crate Boxes Help You Sell More

These boxes are designed to:

  • Display the products
  • Advertise the products
  • Promote the products
  • Give consumers easy access to the products with large, tear-out openings and dispenser-style facings
  • Stack one on top of another, to a height of six feet

As such, customers can walk by the pallet on which you place these boxes of product, see the products clearly, view the price and related discounts, and take however many products or bags of product they want. It makes shopping for these products simple, easy to comprehend and memorable for consumers who may not want to buy those products on a specific day but make them come back another day for those products.

Creating Special Displays with the Stackable, Reach-in Crate Boxes

Better still, this type of box lends itself nicely to special displays. You can create towers, pyramids, castles, etc., all of which will strike a very memorable visual aid in the minds of customers. If your store purchases related but separate products, they may come in differently-colored boxes, which is even more beneficial because then you can create colorful and interesting displays with the various variety of similar products.

One such example of this type of box creating a colorful and memorable display is the use of snack-size candy bars. This snack-size bars are packaged in bags and then the bags are placed in stackable, reach-in crate boxes with their corresponding variety color. (M&M's candies are good for this--yellow for peanut, brown for plain, red for peanut butter, etc.). Now you can stack and create colorful designs, "pixelated" graphics such as vintage video game characters and even rainbow towers that appeal to consumers and encourage them to buy the products.

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