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Architectural Improvements To Make Your New Luxury Loft More Modern

by Tomothy Perez

If you're someone who really loves the concept of modern architecture, and you are a new owner of a luxury loft, then you might want to consider hiring an architect or designer to come into your home and help you transform the new space into something that would feel at home in a modern design magazine. There are a few cool designs you can incorporate. Below are some architectural ideas to incorporate into the loft.

An Open Shower

One of the most popular of modern home design is the open shower. This design is something that you should consider if you are not satisfied with the bathroom design in your new loft. The open shower design will not only be modern, it fits in with the concept of a large loft. The openness of the shower design will complement the open layout of a classic luxury loft. And, when it comes to material, you could choose glass, ceramic tile, or a beautiful residential stainless steel for the shower.

A Staircase Using Residential Steel

Many luxury lofts have an elevated sleeping space. If you are looking to really transform the look of the space, you need to get rid of the traditional wooden staircase (or ladder, if they happen to have used one of those) and install a polished steel staircase. There are companies that specialize in residential steel that can work with you and build a really beautiful and modern staircase. For instance, you can get a really modern design, such as a floating staircase, where the steps are secured into the wall and it appears as if the staircase is just "floating" in air.

Granite Flooring For The Living Room

Finally, a major transformation that you might consider is to remove the wood flooring and install a large, smooth, granite floor. This is what you see in some of the really high end modern architecture magazines. The look of a classic wood flooring might work well if you want a traditional "loft", which were popular among the artist community, but if you want something more modern, then large granite slab flooring is much more of a cool look. And it certainly mixes well with any sort of residential steel design that you might want to incorporate into the room. For instance, a total kitchen makeover that uses steel, or that steel staircase that you might be considering, matches perfectly with the smooth granite look.