Understanding Manufacturing Equipment

How Your Manufacturing Plant Might Benefit From Graphite

by Tomothy Perez

Graphite is popular in many processing and manufacturing plants for good reason. Graphite materials offer a number of qualities that are hard to find or replicate with other material types. Here are just some of the reasons why your plant might want to stock up on graphite today.

Dry Lubrication

Graphite is widely considered to be excellent for providing lubrication for machinery without actually getting anything wet. When it heats up a bit, graphite can form a coating or film that will protect moving parts in your machinery from wear and tear. But because this coating is 100% dry, you don't have to worry about any issues with your parts or your product. Simply make sure the film or coating sticks properly, and then you can go back to production without having to worry about it again.

Protect Your Parts From Corrosion

Has your plant or manufacturing process suffered from corrosion to the parts you use every day? Having to deal with not just water but many other types of liquids such as acids and chemicals can leave even the most well-constructed moving part corroded over time. But when you coat your machinery with graphite in advance, you're not just getting dry lubrication and protection from wear and tear, you're also stopping corrosion before it starts. In short, graphite is essentially unaffected by chemicals and moisture. The potential problem caused by corrosion will never have a chance to get started once you have graphite in the mix.

Excellent When Dealing With Thermal Shock

If your moving parts are operating quickly enough, chances are a good bit of heat is being generated throughout your operation, especially where any parts create friction with one another. Leaving this heat unchecked will lead to wear and tear and might even damage your product. Graphite is an excellent thermal conductor, which means it will pull the heat away from the moving part, essentially soaking it up without any damage to the graphite or the surrounding machinery. If you need to keep your processing or manufacturing going for hours on end, graphite can help you maintain an even temperature throughout to ensure consistent production across the board.

If you want to protect your processing or manufacturing machinery from wear and tear, corrosion, or heat damage, the installation of graphite materials throughout your plant can help you achieve this goal. Reach out to a graphite materials vendor like Graphel for more information.