Understanding Manufacturing Equipment

Custom Products To Display And Transport Goods

by Tomothy Perez

Presentation, security, and portability may come to mind when selecting materials to display and ship homemade goods. Choose from a lineup of boxes, bags, and support materials that can be used to present and package your goods.

Displays And Shipping Boxes

Display products and shipping products may contain corrugated, cellophane, and plastic materials. Display products will need to be sturdy enough to hold the weight of products. A display can be set up on a counter or floor. The environment has a big impact on what types of materials will be best suited for a display.

Since trade shows, outdoor sales, and indoor sales may take place at various times throughout your course as a business owner, you will want to choose products that are constructed of crushproof materials that can withstand varying environmental factors. Shipping will also require the use of resilient products. Custom products can contain slotting, side flaps, and other features that will safely contain goods.

Imprints And Designs

Products that contain imprints and designs will reduce the need for additional labeling. For example, if you are currently using a combination of plain product displays and shipping materials, you may rely heavily upon the use of printed labels that contain your brand name and contact information. If you invest in some custom displays and shipping containers that contain imprinting and artwork, you can omit the use of labels or limit the amount of reliance that you have upon using adhesives.

An imprint can be added to products during the manufacturing process. A die-cut machine is often used to prepare custom products that are used to display and ship goods. Unique lettering and designs can be added to all of the display and shipping products that you order, which will provide your display and shipping methods with consistency.

Support Materials

Twist ties, handles, plastic bags, zippered pouches, and insulation are some support materials that will neatly contain products and provide them with protection from the time that they are displayed within your business until they are in the hands of your consumers.

A supplier will use the boxing and bagging criteria that you have selected, to guide them in producing materials that will effectively display and package the goods that you are promoting. If you have any concerns about how effective a series of support materials will be to display or transport goods, request some sample items. Use the samples to determine which ones will support the manner in which you would like to display and ship your products.

For more information on custom shipping boxes, contact a professional near you.